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I  am a devoted public and oral historian.  I co-direct the NEH-funded oral history initiative Media and the Movement, which interviewed more than 50 movement activists in the civil rights and Black Power movements who worked in media. I have over ten years experience conducting oral interviews for this project for the Southern Oral History Program at UNC-Chapel Hill, as well as for my book, From Head Shops to Whole Foods.

I'm also deeply involved with museums and public history institutions.  I co-curated the gallery exhibit Soul Souvenirs: Bull City Soul Revival: Durham’s Musical Memories of the 1960s and 1970s in Durham, North Carolina in 2012, which our team turned into a website, Bull City Soul, in 2014. I served on the board of the Museum of Durham History from 2012 to 2015, and I currently serve on the advisory board of the Baltimore Uprising 2015 Archive project housed at the Maryland Historical Society. I'm an active member of the Library of Congress's Radio Preservation Task Force and its African American and Civil Rights caucus. At the University of Baltimore, I teach an introductory course to public history.

I'm available as a consultant for public history and oral history projects.